GameStart 2016: Can you beat the Office Chair Race record of 17 seconds?

It wasn’t the burning rubber of the F1 race, but Suntec City was host to the first ever Office Chair Race at GameStart 2016, which saw participants go through a short obstacle course in a Secretlab V2 Throne chair.

From Stormtroopers to Iron Men, dozens of participants took part in the race on Day one of the show, but few came close to the winning timing of 17 seconds, held by Lisabel Ting of The Straits Times.

Yeah, she practiced the night before, but she was fast, so when you sign up, be prepared to beat this timing.

The race itself is simple. Sit on the V2 Throne, and maneuver it through 3 traffic cones and past the final stretch, where you have to pick up a water bottle, and make your way back to the start line.

It sounds easy, but some contestants, like this Iron Man one, took his time and only managed to complete it in 40 seconds. Yes, those brave enough can participate in full costume, and if you want, try out the Stormtrooper Black Series and Iron Man Legends helmets from Hasbro. The Black Series and Legends series are the new replica models, based on the Marvel and Star Wars movies.

Oh, and hitting a cone, or crossing the line markers incurs a penalty of 2 seconds.

So if your legs, and office rat race skills, are the ones to beat, swing by GameStart 2016 this weekend, and sign up for the Office Chair Race, where the winners on Saturday and Sunday get to bring home a Secretlab chair each.