Exclusive Geek Review: Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet

When it comes to becoming playboy billionaire superheroes, there are only two options. And given that one of them dresses himself up as a bat, we’re pretty sure everyone wants to be Tony Stark. Think about it, he’s rich, smart, confident and has pretty much everything in the world. But most importantly, we’d all like to get hold of his suit! Hence, it comes as no surprise that Iron Man is one of the most cosplayed characters at any geek convention, ever since his first movie came out, way back in 2008. Yes, it’s been close to ten years since Iron Man rose to mainstream prominence, and launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe proper.

In that time, we’ve seen many variants of the Iron Man suit, ranging from the terrible (Triangle chest pieces are a no no. Circle all the way!), to the spectacularly awesome (There are quite a few to pick from). But more often than not, toy variants of Iron Man’s faceplates are merely plastic pieces attached to a rubber band that stretches round the back. While it is simple and, most importantly, budget friendly for all the families, there existed a gap between the super cheap, and the 1:1 scale replicas from and for the big boys. The is where the new Hasbro Marvel Legends lines comes in. First up was Captain America’s shield and now, Iron Man’s headpiece fits within the price range for almost anyone who’s looking to get a proper Iron Man helmet, without needing to blow the bank.


Unboxing this piece of Starktech from the box makes you want to immediately crown yourself. The solid plastic feels great, and the texture of the unit is smooth to the touch. Unlike cheaper toys, you’re certainly getting your money’s worth with this helmet. There’s a fair amount of heft while holding it in your hands, so you’re definitely certain that this helmet is something special. The only thing that was missing from the box was three AAA batteries needed to power the helmet. Just be thankful that batteries, and not a working Arc Reactor, is all the helmet needs. Now suit up!


One noteworthy thing is that Hasbro has given maximum effort in making sure that both the inside and outside of the helmet looks awesome, with enough details inside the unit to show that you’re not wearing a toy. Having brought this helmet to STGCC, and hoping to get some Iron Man cosplayer’s opinions (I failed) on it, one thing stood out — everyone that I showed the helmet to remarked that the detailing within the helmet itself was as impressive as the exterior.


Turning it upside down, you would get a better look of the strap that would hold sit on your head when wearing the helmet. The brace is removable and adjustable as well. With a small bit of tweaking, you’d be able to get the perfect fit in no time. I found that even with the relatively small noggin (that’s head, not brain), I was able to find the correct fit for the helmet. I wouldn’t say it’s extremely secure, but it does its job sufficiently to stay in place, even when you’re nodding, or shaking your head.


As with head pieces, vision is an issue and the one you’re afforded with this helmet can be quite narrow, judging from the image above. Sorry guys, but this is real life and something’s gotta give.

There is only one helmet size too, and I’m a pretty small guy in terms of body size, so from certain angles, the helmet look odd on me. And it would on smaller folks, or anyone who doesn’t have an entire suit of armour to go along with it.

If looking through the eye windows isn’t quite your thing, the front of the Marvel Legends Iron Man helmet opens up, and the face plate is removable as well. It’s not a swivel joint that you see in the films, and you literally have to pull out the front panel, and place it on the top of the helmet. It’s all tightly secured with magnets, so don’t worry about anything coming apart. In fact, the magnets often do too good of a job that it can even be tricky to pull the front panel off.


The reward of placing the front panel on or off the helmet comes together with additional sound effects that add to the fun of wearing the helmet. The audio cues generated creates quite a positive feedback loop that you’d want to keep on taking it on and off repeatedly, just for the sound effects.

A small button hidden on the inside of the helmet gives you some control over the brightness of the LED light sockets. It can be quite hard to look out at the brightest level, and the three levels of brightness settings means a world of the difference when navigating with the helmet on.


Once again, no effort has been spared even on the reverse side of the front panel of the helmet. It has quite the Dr. Doom look going for it, and depending on how well your head is adjusted, your face does not really come in contact with the front panel that much.

Honestly, it looks a tad odd when you don’t have the whole suit to go along with the helmet. But I guess this purchase is the gateway to greater things ahead.


The level of quality that Hasbro has been able to produce, and at a very affordable S$199.99, would be considered a steal if you’re looking to get your very own wearable Iron Man helmet. You’re probably not going to put on that expensive Imaginarium Art 1:1 Iron Man helmet anytime soon to play. Being made of plastic means it is comfortable to be worn on the head for an extended period of time and the only thing that you’d need to worry about would the the ventilation within the helmet itself. There’s no airflow within so you might be perspiring within the first minute of donning on the helmet.


The Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet is an essential part in any Iron Man fan’s toy collection, and we’re sure that it would also be the subject of many a photoshoot. The only thing that I would say is missing from the entire package would be a nice stand to store the helmet when it’s not in use, and maybe a voice changer. If these features were included, we’d have pretty much the most cost efficient Iron Man helmet anyone could possibly buy.



Finally, an Iron Man helmet which is both playable and affordable.

  • Aesthetics - 10/10
  • Build Quality - 9/10
  • Value - 9.5/10
  • Geek Satisfaction - 10/10
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