Enjoy Free Shipping to Singapore on these Amazon Exclusive Star Wars toys

Are you rethinking some of your recent toy purchases from Force Friday, or did you regret not taking advantage of some of the Amazon Star Wars offers we listed?

Well, you’ll either give us a medal for this, or wish that someone would toss us into a Sarlacc.

Amazon, like many other US toy retailers, has some Star Wars exclusives on toys from the upcoming The Force Awakens movie, and the good news is, these toys are available for pre-orders and for the time being, these items are available for free shipping to Singapore once you hit the US$125 mark.

The thing about Amazon is that it can sometimes withdraw the free shipping option for a variety of reasons down the road, but once an order it locked in based on the free shipping rate, Amazon will honour it, so what are you waiting for?

Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-Inch Figure Troop Builder 6-Pack [Amazon Exclusive] – Price: US$47.99

We know that stormtroopers cannot shoot a target to save their lives, but it seems that the new ones from The First Order can’t count either. The listing of this Amazon Exclusive set of stormtroopers, which includes Captain Phasma, is listed as being a 6-pack, but in the photo and description, it states that this set comes with 7 figures.

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But what caught our eye is the rather beautiful gate-fold styled product packaging, which opens to reveal each figurine. This collection looks to be in a massive box, so we won’t be surprised if Amazon decides that free shipping isn’t feasible for this when the November 30 availability.

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Star Wars The Black Series 6-Inch Stormtrooper 4-Pack [Amazon Exclusive] – Price: US$79.99

Now, this set is slightly more expensive but the Black Series is the premium range of figurines, and come in 6-inch sizes, instead of the 3.75-inch ones. This set comes with four troopers from the Star Wars Universe. The two Clone Troopers are from the Prequel Trilogy, while the Imperial Storm Trooper is from the Original Trilogy. The last one is from the upcoming movie.

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This set launches on Nov 30, so we recommend combining it with the other Amazon Exclusive set, to cross the US$125 minimum required to get free shipping.




Funko Pop Star Wars: Heavy Artillery First Order Stormtrooper Pop [Amazon Exclusive] – Price: US$12.99

Funko collectors will kick themselves if they miss out on this. This Amazon Exclusive is a must for both Funko and Star Wars fans, and if you think about it, the US pricing means it matches local prices. The free shipping is an added bonus.



Hot Wheels Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren Character Car – Price: US$5.99

No, you’re not having a bad feeling about this. This Hot Toys release is not an exclusive but it is an Amazon Add-On item. Add-Ons are items are low priced items that do not always ship free, but if you hit the shipping threshold, Amazon allows you to tag Add-On items to your main order.

Try adding it to your cart and if Amazon allows it, why not?


Amazon is also offering plenty of other non-exclusive Star Wars merchandise, so if you just want one item on this list, check out their other offerings to clock the US$125 free shipping requirement. When ordered as one order, Amazon will ship you the items that have been released first, and fulfill the rest later, so you do not have to wait until 30th November for everything to arrive.

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