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First Look LEGO IDEAS 21303 WALL•E

There have been many similar LEGO customs but this officially sanctioned LEGO IDEAS WALL•E will be on everyone’s shopping list real soon.

LEGO Ideas Wall E (1)

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First images of the set have popped up on a toy retailer, Smyths, and as far as I know, big chain retailers do not really put in the effort to generate their own images for products so this probably is the real deal.

Having my last LEGO IDEAS Ghostbusters still tucked away in a box, I’ll be sure to bust WALL•E out first and build him at the first opportunity.

LEGO Ideas Wall E (3)

It’s great to see how far the original build has come till today, but in actual reality it must just turn out like the one on the above left. The product rendering of the LEGO WALL•E here might just be too enthusiastic.

LEGO Ideas Wall E (4)

No, LEGO WALL•E does not come with his teardrop eyes but with the proper lighting angles he might!

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The SRP of €57.99, which roughly corresponds to £39.99 in the UK or $39.99 in the US based on similarly priced sets. Can’t wait!

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