Experience The Magic Of Photoshop On Smartphones With The New Adobe Photoshop Camera App

First introduced last year, the Adobe Photoshop Camera app is finally here to take all your smartphone photography to the next level with its numerous photo editing features, lenses, and camera effects. 

The Photoshop Camera is Adobe’s newest mobile camera app powered by Adobe Sensei that brings the magic of Photoshop to your mobile phone. So now you too can get incredibly bokeh with just the camera on your smartphone and the Photoshop Camera app, or a photograph that looks like it was taken straight out of a fantasy movie. 

The app comes with a wide variety of lenses for you to choose from, including ones created in collaboration with pop singer Billie Eilish and renowned photographer Brandon Woelfel. 

Though you will be able to choose your own lens and camera effect to take your desired image, the app also uses Adobe Sensei to instantly recognise the subject you are taking, be it your face or a delicious plate of noodles, and will automatically apply sophisticated, unique features such as “portraits” or “food shots” at the moment of capture to ensure you take the best possible photo.

Other cool lenses and camera effects included in the Adobe Photoshop Camera app incudes the double exposure lens, as well as various interesting lens flares you can use to enhance your photo. 

The app will also come with quick-fix features such as portrait relighting and distortion removal so you can wow your friends with beautifully taken photos that look like it has been worked on for hours. If you aren’t happy with the effect you chose, you can even change it after the photo is already taken.

The Adobe Photoshop Camera app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.