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Apple Launches Brand New 10.5-Inch iPad Air and Fifth-Generation iPad mini

The brand new iPad Air and iPad mini is here!

You Can Now Search For Carmen Sandiego On Google Earth

Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

New PlayStation 4 Update Brings Remote Play To iOS

PS4 Remote Play comes to iOS officially.

The Xenomorph Comes To Mobile In Alien: Blackout

The next Alien game goes mobile in the survival horror series.

Apple Breaks New Sales Record For App Store

Is this a sign of better things to come for Apple? Only time will tell.

Geek Interview With Serious Scramblers iOS Game Creator, Chin Yong Kian

If you get frustrated playing Serious Scramblers, there's only one person you can target - the Singaporean developer,...

AMD Radeon Software 2019 Update: Stream All Your PC Games To Your Mobile Device & More!

Gaming with AMD Radeon just got a whole lot better!

Here Are The Top 10 Apps And Games For The iPhone And iPad In Singapore (2018)

Maybe you'll find something worth the memory space.

Fitbit Launches Charge 3 In Singapore, Its Smartest Fitness Tracker Yet

A swimproof fitness tracker that does more than count steps.

Geek Review: Apple iPhone XS and XS Max

The XS Max is a glorious beast, but one that is geared towards those with large hands, and...

Geek Review: Apple iPhone XR

With a longer battery life, and packed with almost the same features of a premium XS, the iPhone...

The Road To Red Dead Redemption 2 Starts With This Companion App, And More!

A trusty companion app comes our way.