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Facebook Challenges Snapchat with Insane Filters From Hollywood Blockbusters

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Ex-Angry Birds Team Launches Science Learning Game – Big Bang Legends

Angry Birds veterans teamed up to create the best science learning game on the planet!

Geek Review: Fire Emblem Heroes (Mobile)

Alternate title: "Baby’s First Fire Emblem". Not that it’s a bad thing.

Geek Review: Super Mario Run (iOS)

Super Mario Run successfully converts a Mario experience into a mobile optimized game. But is it worth US$9.99?

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This Bottle-Flipping Game Could Be The Flappy Bird Of 2016

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Here's a free-to-play mobile game with high production values, and worth checking out.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Is The Actual Name Of Square Enix’s Latest RPG

Singapore-based gumi Inc. is working on the global version, set to release on iOS and Android in 2016.

Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run, out on iOS now

Blasting zombies on the go for Fear the Walking Dead fans.

Geek Review: Shadow Fight 2

If you're looking for a fighting game on your Android or iPhone, this is a really good place...

Play Happy Tennis on your brand new Apple TV

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