PlayStation Backbone One

Enjoy PS Remote Play On iPhone The Way It’s Meant To With Backbone One – PlayStation Edition

While gaming on mobile usually takes the shape of using touch controls, there have been several mobile-friendly controllers that have taken to the market. The Razer Kishi is one, but for those looking to rep the PlayStation brand a little more when gaming on your iPhone, Backbone has now officially revealed a licensed mobile controller dubbed the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition.

Similar to how the DualSense looks aesthetically, the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition was brought to life via collaboration between the Backbone team and PlayStation. The white colour remains, while the finishes are all reminiscent of the PS5 controller.

With a setup that is meant to mimic the traditional controller setup, albeit with your iPhone smacked dabbed in the middle, enjoying your favourite PS4 and PS5 games via the Remote PS Play App becomes a different experience altogether.

Backbone One – PlayStation Edition

Players can download the Backbone App for a customized PlayStation experience. Inside the app, you’ll see various PlayStation integrations, such as custom glyphs representing the iconic PlayStation shapes and the ability to browse hundreds of game titles. There will also be a dedicated row inside the app with new releases and updates from PlayStation.

Furthermore, you are not limited to just the stable of games that can be played via Remote Play. The device also supports other App Store games and streaming services that support controllers.

Rear of Backbone One – PlayStation Edition

The Backbone One – PlayStation Edition will be available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom at launch, with more countries to follow.