EA Play Live Goes Digital On 11 June 2020, Multiple Nintendo Switch Titles To Be Announced

For the first time in a while, Electronic Arts’ yearly EA Play Live announcement series will be streaming digitally this year, in wake of the current global landscape. For those keen on catching up on what’s new from the publisher, EA Play Live will broadcast on 11 June, 4pm PT / 12 June, 7am SGT.

Interestingly, this might also be the first time an EA Play Live could feature a Nintendo Switch-heavy lineup among a massive list of titles scheduled to be released through 2021. This is evident in a recent excerpt of the company’s Q4 fiscal year results (via Gematsu on Twitter):

For your convenience, here are the list of games in EA’s pipeline:

  • An unannounced EA Sports title
  • An additional EA HD title
  • 4 additional EA Partners titles
  • 2 mobile soft-launches
  • Platform expansions of current EA titles
  • Medal of Honor VR title in partnership with Oculus

Though only one game has been explicitly indicated, it will be interesting to see just what titles will be receiving “platform expansions”, following the highly-anticipated release of Burnout Paradise Remastered on the Switch later this year.

Burnout Paradise Remastered.

Additionally, it looks as though there could be at least one HD remaster of a classic EA title, which will no doubt spark some (heated) debate as to what games could be receiving the facelift. Whether it’s the Mass Effect Trilogy, Dead Space or even Need For Speed, everything’s pretty much up in the air for now.