Never underestimate the power of licensing. And it seems that E-Huge Technology certainly has this belief as well with their new Avengers-themed Windows 10 devices.

Building upon past success of Hello Kitty and Gudetama character series, these new skinned devices look to strike at the greater geek market but would exterior charm be enough to sway the community?

AVR10T – S$429

This Iron Man themed 10.1″ device features a glowing Arc Reactor which is the suit’s chest emblazoned on the shell of the device. Flipping it open, the other Stark identifier would be the his helmet tucked into the corner of the wrist rest.

While it might look like a decal has been slapped onto the AVR10T, the Arc Reactor is actually etched specifically on to allow the familiar glow to shine through which is the common refrain with the rest of the series.


“Signed” by Mr. Stark himself, any one who considers themselves a fan boy might want to grab this device.

AVR116T – S$499

If you prefer supporting the entire team as opposed to a single character, the AVR116T is right up your alley. Instead of a glowing Arc Reactor, you’d be getting a huge Avengers logo that pretty much lights up the entire shell.


No preferred Avenger is selected here with the team logo being the icon for the 14.1″ device. This model is pretty much the equivalent of a football fan showing dedication for his favourite club.

AVR141R – S$549

The art on this top-of-the-line device is pretty sweet and has all the hallmarks from comic book covers of old. Keeping in theme with the other devices, Iron Man stands tall with his hand cannon armed to fire. No decal can match the solid print on this model.


As with the other devices in this range, the AVR141R opts to go with the more subtle Avengers logo which is very much preferred in my books.

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Overall, E-Huge’s latest range of Avengers-themed Windows devices might be an option for the most dedicated fans out there. And, the prices make it an attractive option for a secondary device that you could use while watching TV or as a travel companion.

The devices will be available at retail in Singapore from 10 December, 2016.

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