All right kids, Santa is going to make one child very happy in 2017. LEGO Singapore is asking for help from LEGO fans here, to build Santa a sleigh for the season.

It seems the Christmas icon broke his old sleigh, and needs little Master Builders to help him build a sleigh, for him to bring toys to kids everywhere.

All you have to do is to build a LEGO sleigh, take a photograph of the sleigh (and only the sleigh mind you), and submit it here, with a short description of why your sleigh is the best sleigh to help Santa save Christmas.

And the winner gets to bring home awesome LEGO sets for ONE. WHOLE. YEAR. That’s right. Help Santa and he helps you right back! The catch? Contestants need to be between the ages of 4 and 14, to participate.

Yes, this is only for children, so please, keep your loose LEGO sets and stop building a 1:12 scale sleigh. That said, you can build the Ultimate LEGO Sleigh, using bricks from these new, Singapore-only LEGO only sets, or from any other LEGO or LEgo Duplo bricks you can find.

The Contest Period has started, and ends on 4 December, 2016. If you need help getting started, check this out.

The Grand Winner gets one year’s supply of LEGO sets, worth up to S$1,000 in total, and a chance for the winning sleigh to be featured in LEGO Christmas video.

There will also be 5 Consolation Winners who will each take home one LEGO set worth up to S$60.

Drop a Facebook comment below!

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