Dr. Mario World Trailer Showcases Doctors And Assistants

It’s less than a week till Dr. Mario World launches on Android and iOS devices and Nintendo has just dropped a new trailer. This time, we are introduced to the various characters in the soon-to-be-released mobile game as well as their abilities. 

Dr. Mario

Of course the video will introduce the abilities of their titular Dr. Mario. After all, what will a Dr. Mario World game be without its doctor? When using his skill, Dr. Mario is able to clear a row in the lowest position. It might sound simple and fairly unimaginative, but we imagine it will be a great skill to have when players are in a pinch and need some help clearing the row that’s closest to the bottom. Dr. Mario’s skills remain the same in Versus mode.

Dr. Yoshi

A long-time ally of Mario, Yoshi is making an appearance in Dr. Mario World as a doctor. Though unlike Dr. Mario, Yoshi’s skill involves randomly removing three objects from the playing field. His skill remains the same in Versus Mode. 

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Dr. Bowser

The fearsome Dr. Bowser is ready to treat some patients. Perhaps due to his intimidating demeanour, Dr. Bowser seems to have a pretty great skill — he is able to randomly clear two rows from the playing field. That’s right, any two rows from the playing field will be removed. In Versus Mode, Dr. Bowser’s skill is taken down a notch and he is only able to remove one row randomly. 

Dr. Bowser Jr.

The adorable little Bowser Jr is here to help you defeat some viruses with his handy skill: Dr. Bowser Jr. is able to pop up to 10 bubbles when his skill is activated. For those who do not know, in Dr. Mario World, some viruses might come encased in a bubble which protects them from megavitamins before it is popped. In Versus mode, instead of popping bubbles, Dr. Bowser Jr. encases two viruses in the opponent’s stage in bubbles. 

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We also get a look at the Assistants, side-characters that can be chosen to help your doctor by providing even more special effects in the game. Players will be able to select up to two assistants per match. 

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CharacterStage Mode SkillVersus Mode Skill
GoombaIncreases score by 1%.If opponent attacks, grants 4% chance attack meter fills instantly.
Koopa TroopaGrants 50 bonus points for capsules remaining on stage clear. If opponent attacks, grants 4% chance attack meter fills instantly.
Shy GuyGrants 10% chance of easier skill meter increase.Increase chance to defend by 2%.
Piranha PlantGrants 5% chance that 2 viruses will be eliminated on stage start. If an object has reached the 3rd row from the bottom line, grants 20% chance all capsules will be eliminated once.
PokeyGrants 10% chance of getting a few extra seconds in timed stages.Grants 4% chance your attacks will be 20% faster.
SpikeIncreases base score by 50 points for every green virus eliminated.Grants 4% chance your attacks will be 20% faster.
Hammer BroIncrease capsule float time by 1.2x.Grants 4% chance to clear a column in your stage if the opponent uses a skill.
Cheep CheepGrants 10% chance to eliminate a virus at the start of a stage.Grants 10% chance your attacks will be 10% faster.
Spiny Cheep CheepFills skill meter 10% faster. Grants 20% chance to eliminate one virus if you are about to lose.
BlooperGrants 10% chance that 2 initial capsules will be of matching colours. Grants 20% chance that 4 initial capsules be of matching colours.
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Dr. Mario World will be released on iOS and Android on July 10.

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