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Devil May Cry 5’s New Demo Launches 7 February On Consoles

Capcom announced that there will be a new demo for Devil May Cry 5, set to be launched on 7 February on both the PS4 and Xbox One.

Their initial demo of the game was released on 8 December 2018, but that was exclusive only to Xbox One users. It still remains playable for those who have already downloaded it prior to it being taken down on 8 January.

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The December demo allowed players to play as Nero, who reprises his role as one of the main characters of the game, equipped with his signature Devil Breaker arms, and accompanied by his new weapons expert friend, Nico.

In recent trailers, the iconic gun-toting, red jacket-wearing Dante was also revealed, alongside a new playable main character mysteriously named V, who plays somewhat like a mid-to-long-ranged summoner, controlling three (possibly more) types of demons that enhance his abilities if positioned close to him.

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In their official DMC5 website, Capcom detailed several systems that will be implemented into the game, including the new online Cameo System, which allows players to actively spectate other players’ games, and in some missions, will pair players up to fight alongside one another.

Devil May Cry 5 also sees the reprisal of the fan-favourite Bloody Palace mode – a gauntlet-style gameplay mode that pits players against increasingly tough hordes of demons in an ultimate test of skill.

Devil May Cry 5 officially releases on 8 March on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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