Developers Of Banned Taiwanese Horror Games “Detention” and “Devotion” Making New Title

Red Candle Games, the mastermind behind the two controversial horror games Detention and Devotion, have announced that it is currently developing a new game.

The Taiwan-based developer announced this new project on its official Twitter account in tandem with the premiere of the live-action TV adaptation of Detention on Netflix.

While details are sparse, we imagine that the new game could well be another horror entry, given Red Candle’s success with its past two titles. Needless to say, Red Candle will share more details about the new title “soon”.

Detention and Devotion released to much controversy in 2017 and 2019 respectively, as they discussed sensitive issues relating to Taiwan’s modern history. The former discussed social issues while Taiwan was under martial law, while the latter featured an easter egg that painted the current Chinese president Xi Jinping in a rather unfavourable manner to the Chinese.

Regardless, both games became cult favourites among the gaming community, and have since been preserved at Harvard University despite being banned in China.