Dead Space Reportedly Getting Revived & Reimagined By EA Motive

It looks like fans of Dead Space might relish in this new rumour making the rounds – EA is reportedly reviving the iconic third-person survival horror game with developers Motive Studios.

As reported by multiple sources on the net, Motive Studios is currently developing a “reimagining” of the original Dead Space game first released back in 2008 and industry experts are expecting EA to reveal the game during EA Play Live on 22 July. The new game will not be a direct sequel to the original trilogy but a reimagination of the original story.

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Dead Space.

Created by Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey, Dead Space is a classic horror that redefined the genre by giving gamers a taste of what it’s like to be stuck in space overrun by gruesome monsters known as Necromorphs. Besides the survival horror factor, the game is generally renowned for its compelling storyline and protagonist, Issac Clarke.

The original game was critically acclaimed and had spawned a trilogy and an entire franchise of films, comic books and even novels.

However, ever since Dead Space 3 received poor sales, EA cancelled any possible sequel to the trilogy and stopped its venture into horror games. This left publisher Capcom to be the only one on the market doing survival horror in recent years, and to great success.

Dead Space 2.

Seeing how Capcom’s Resident Evil has dominated the survival horror genre with its latest titles, Netflix animations and an upcoming movie reboot, perhaps it’s time EA finally recognises the potential Dead Space has.

As of now, the rumours are still unconfirmed and we can only wait for EA Play Live on 22 July to find out exactly what they have in store for fans.

That said, if you’re interested in the spiritual successor to the original Dead Space game, creator Schofield founded Striking Distance Studios and has announced that they are working on The Callisto Protocol, which they promised to be “the most terrifying game ever made“.

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