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Check Out These Amazing Star Wars v Aliens Illustrations!

Now that Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox, countless fan canons and discussions have made their rounds in cyberspace. Where the House of Mouse did not have access to the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises prior, the situation has changed with the recent merger. Fans are now calling for the many crossover opportunities available, one of which involves the likes of The Avengers vs X-Men.

Superhero movies aside, another hot favourite in the community is a possible Star Wars and Alien collaboration. Amidst the pool of beautiful art pieces and intriguing fan theories, a talented concept artist by the name of Guillem H. Pongiluppi has risen above the rest to produce stunningly breathtaking illustrations for the mashup between these two classic titles.

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All images credited to Guillem H. Pongiluppi

Named Star Wars vs Aliens, the collection of artwork brings the interesting concept of Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers meeting the Alien Queen and her xenomorphs to life. Often sporting a more vibrant, contrasting colour hue against the bleak background of war, suffering, and despair, Gillem describes his masterpiece as so:

The brave soldiers of the 501st Legion: Vader’s Fist, the pride of the Empire, was fighting in the remote planet LV-426 against the Space Cockroaches. Every soldier from the 501 is braver than ten of those abominable creatures. But the beasts look like they are not giving up.


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Truly a masterful tapestry of fine art.

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