Next Meats Launches Demon Slayer Themed Curry Box Sets

It looks like while we might be familiar with Impossible Burger and their patties, alternative meats are being developed in Japan as well.

Next up on the menu, Next Meats has been developing plant-based yakiniku meats from Japan. To help sweeten the deal, the best option would be to turn to all things anime with Demon Slayer!

The company has launched a plant-based instant curry for fans to give alternative meats a go. And to reward your adventurous spirit, each box will come with a limited-edition acrylic keychain featuring the show’s characters. These box sets will be available exclusively at all Don Don Donki stores from 27 September 2021 at S$7.49 in Singapore.

If cooking at home poses a challenge as well, Next Meats is working with Aburi-EN to offer a limited-edition Demon Slayer x Next Meats meal.

Patrons will enjoy a Premium Karubi Don Set (S$13.80) with consists of grilled meatless boneless short rib with Aburi-EN’s special sauce served on premium Japanese rice and tofu wakame miso soup. All meals will come with the Demon Slayer keychain as well. These meals are available right now so maybe the weekend meal might have sorted itself out.

We guess the next question is if Rengoku Kyōjurō approves of the meal!

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