Impossible Burger Hitting 7-Eleven Singapore For The First Time In Asia This May

7-Eleven has it all. From the brainfreezing Slurpee, to instant Biryani, 7-Eleven is taking the term convenience seriously, and is soon stocking the award-winning Impossible Burger on their shelves in over 300 of their stores scattered across Singapore.

For the first time in Asia, fans of the plant-based burger by Impossible Foods can conveniently bite into the delicious sauteed white button mushroom patty, garden-fresh spinach garnishes, and light sour cream sauce between two pillowy buns within an arm’s reach.


“A huge mission of Impossible is to make our delicious plant-based products available everywhere conventional animal meat is sold today, and this includes the convenience store market.”

Laurent Stevenart, Singapore Country Manager at Impossible Foods
impossible burger

With this 7-Eleven launch, Impossible Foods achieves just that. The ready-to-eat Deluxe Impossible Burger will be available as a pre-made item and can easily be warmed up in a microwave in under a minute. For only S$5.90, or for S$7 as part of a Saver Combo with a bottle of Glaceau Vitamin Water, consumers can enjoy affordable, delicious, and sustainable plant-based meat for a lunch, dinner and even midnight cravings.

From Impossible Foods’ Impossible Rendang Pie at Starbucks to our home-cooked Impossible Butter Masala Meatballs, Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger looks, tastes, and smells like ground beef from cows but is made entirely made from plants.

Impossible Deluxe Burger will be available in selected 7-Eleven stores from 26 May 2021.

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