Get Your Impossible Meat Fix Now In Dumpling Form With These Three New Joints In Singapore

The Impossible Foods wave continues to take the world by storm, most especially Singapore, the cultural melting pot of all things gastronomic. It’s been nearly seven months since they first landed on the Little Red Dot, and since then many local restaurants have adapted the plant-based meat into their own local recipes, to great effect.

Up until now, we haven’t had proper Impossible dumplings, and as such, three restaurants in Singapore have stepped up to take on the Impossible torch, in celebration of World Dumpling Day. They are: Dumpling Darlings, Sum Yi Tai, and Chi-Kinjo.

The offering at the island-famous dumpling joint Dumpling Darlings is the Impossible Curry Momo (S$10). These dumplings take reference from the traditional Tibetan momo, a type of dumpling hailing from the mountains of Nepal. 

Each plate you purchase comes with five pan-fried dumplings, each of which delivers a sweet, savoury punch, thanks to an exquisite blend of caramelised onions, labneh, smoked paprika and curry spice, all coalescing in chunks of juicy Impossible meat tucked in nicely. It also comes with a nice bit of crunch as well, thanks to the charred cauliflower.

Another hugely popular place that serves dumplings is Sum Yi Tai. Their take on the Impossible dumpling is the Impossible Mala Dumpling (S$14). The mala trend in Singapore is at its peak at this point, so this is a no-brainer for mala (spicy numbing Chinese sauce) fanatics. 

Each dumpling in this six-piece serving packs a fiery punch, with Sum Yi Tai’s famous mala sauce engulfing the Impossible meat. If you’re not getting enough kick, you could always lather it in some chilli, on the side.

Rounding off the Impossible trio is the Impossible Encounter (S$15) at Chi-Kinjo. This Japanese restaurant is known for making stellar gyoza (Japanese dumplings), and their Impossible take on it should appeal to regulars and newcomers alike.

The succulence of the Impossible meat is accentuated here, thanks to the crunchy tofu, sweet carrots and dill, and what you get is a sumtuous mix of citrus and that melt-in-your-mouth umami taste. It is even more so when you dip it in the spicy tomato sauce that it comes with.

The three Impossible Foods dumplings will be available exclusively starting September 26. The Impossible dumplings at Sum Yi Tai and Chi-Kinjo for a limited-time offer, while the ones at Dumpling Darlings will eventually become a permanent fixture from October 1 onwards.

For your convenience, here are the locations for each of the three dumpling joints:

Dumpling Darlings
44 Amoy Street, Singapore 069870

Sum Yi Tai
25 Boon Tat Street, Singapore 069622

29 Stanley Street, Singapore 068738

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