Geek Bits

Iconic Anime Saint Seiya Comes To Netflix

Please don't canonically genderbend Shun, Netflix.

Join The Inaugural One Piece Puzzle Hunt At Sentosa Singapore This December

"The entire ocean should know what happens when someone harms one of my nakama."

New Far Cry Trailer Teases The Post-Apocalyptic

Far Cry: Fallout anyone?

The PlayStation Classic And The Mystery Of 36 Locked Games

Ah, the could-have-beens.

Pull Off Tricks On The Go With Tony Hawk’s New Skateboarding Mobile Game

The skateboarding adventures of Tony Hawk continue on mobile devices.

Director Robert Schwentke Eyes G.I. Joe Snake Eye Spin-Off Movie

Maybe we'll be seeing a more serious addition to the G.I. Joe franchise?

WB Montreal Hints At Possible New Batman: Court of Owls Game

Move over Joker, for the Court of Owls is upon us.

Game of Thrones Releases Eight Themed Whiskeys For The Holiday Season

'Tis the season to be jolly, indeed.

Here’s A Sneak Of The Game Of Thrones adidas’ White Walker Shoe

The White Walkers are gaining ground.

Crash Team Racing Remaster Primed For Reveal At The Game Awards 2018

Buckle up, for a possible cult classic remaster is in store.

All You Need To Know About Marvel’s Asian Superhero Shang-Chi!

A superhero who gets his powers via practice and hard work.