Carlton And Floss Dances Removed From Forza Horizon 4

Well played, Microsoft.

In wake of the recent legal disputes Epic Games’ Fortnite faced regarding a couple of patented dance moves that were shamelessly put in their store, publisher Microsoft removed the Carlton and Floss dances from the popular racing game Forza Horizon 4, probably for fear that they might face said charges next.

In Forza Horizon 4, players’ driver avatars would occasionally come out of their cars and would be able to perform dances of the player’s choice. As players rack up in-game currency, they can use those to purchase new dance emotes from the in-game store.

These dances are available on the game’s store, and contain a lot of patented ones, including the aforementioned Carlton, by The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s Alfonso Rebeiro, and the Floss, by internet sensation Russel “The Backpack Kid” Horning.

While these two dances have been taken out of the game, several other patented dance moves still remain in Forza Horizon 4, such as Drake’s Hotline Bling dance move, and more.

This removal looks like a rather hasty one following yet another legal saga involving Fortnite, this time involving Rachel McCumbers’ son, more famously known as Orange Shirt Kid by the internet.

The suit claimed that Orange Shirt Kid was the subject of “extreme cyberbullying” and had to deactivate several of his social media accounts as a result, and that people were wrongfully labelling the dance as “Orange Justice” (a title the game came up with) instead of “The Random”, which was what he originally came up with.