Bumblebee Director Travis Knight In Talks To Direct Uncharted Movie

Getting the Uncharted movie adaptation off the ground has been a long and arduous process. Some might say it’s moving into uncharted territory, as since video game adaptation was mooted in 2008, this movie has been rewritten multiple times, and is now onto its sixth director, Travis Knight.

Travis Knight, best known for his live-action directing debut Bumblebee, is the newest addition to this Sony Productions project. Previously, Travis was the lead animator at Laika, working on iconic projects such as ParaNorman, The Box Trolls and Coraline.

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The premise of the movie adaptation of Uncharted is not entirely clear yet but so far, we know it is about Nathan Drake, a young man as he grows up and dives into the world of treasure hunting. Tom Holland is has signed on to play Nathan Drake, which was cool when he was cast, but the boy isn’t getting any younger and he’s in pretty hot demand, with one more Spider-Man movie to film.

Nathan Drake played by Tom Holland in Uncharted movie

Created by Naughty Dog and published by PlayStation, the entire video game series of Uncharted has racked up over 41 million copies sold and fans are eagerly awaiting the release of this movie. Production is set to begin early next year.

Travis Knight is directing Uncharted

Uncharted will be the first movie by PlayStation Productions, which might explain why previous director Dan Trachtenberg left, stating creative differences on Twitter. It is understandable that PlayStation wants to get everything just right and as such, would probably be more particular. However, with all these changes, fans are unsure if this movie will get made at all.

Perhaps they might want to get Kevin Feige involved.