Bumblebee Director Travis Knights Takes On The Six Billion Dollar Man

After losing co-writer and potential director Damian Szifron nearly a year ago, the live-action The Six Billion Dollar Man seems to finally be getting back on track, with Bumblebee director Travis Knight coming on board to direct the film.

The Six Billion Dollar Man is based on the popular ‘70s TV series of almost the same name, which starred Lee Majors as Steve Austins, a former astronaut who gained superhuman strength due to Six Million Dollar bionic implants, and ended up being employed as a secret agent for the U.S government office.

The TV series was in turn based on a novel by Martin Caidin titled Cyborg.

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The film will feature a screenplay written by Bill Dubuque, and will star Mark Wahlberg as Col. Steve Austins.

The film will star Mark Wahlberg as Col. Steve Austins.

The film began development in The Weinstein Co., as a passion project for Bob Weinstein, before it got picked up by Warner Bros. Sue Kroll, Bill Gerber, and Steve Levinson are the trio now behind the production of the movie.

Knight made his live-action feature debut with the Transformers spinoff Bumblebee, which made US$466 million worldwide. He is also the president and CEO of the stop-motion animation studio Laika, which released several notable animated movies such as Coraline, and Kubo and the Two Strings.

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