Geek Review & Giveaway: Braun CoolTec CT4s

If you are looking out for a brand new electric shaver, the Braun CoolTec series might be worth a consideration. Or, you could win one for yourself. Read on to...

New AC Wireless routers released by Linksys

New routers by Linksys boasts faster speeds, easier setup.

Geek Review: Game Dev Story

I was looking up creative anti-piracy measures the other day and I came across this game called Game Dev Story (look it up if you're wondering how they handled pirated...

Geek Review: Escape Plan

If you love Stallone and Schwarzenegger, go watch this movie. Otherwise, it is still an enjoyable flick.

Geek Review: Alienware 18

Your wallet may beg for mercy to own this baby, but you will be in gaming heaven soon after.

Dungeon Keeper returns on Mobile


Amazing Lego Pacific Rim Kaiju Attack Diorama

Pacific Rim fans! Check out this jaw-dropping, astoundingly detailed Lego diorama built by Olive Seon. I'm sure you remember this battle in Hong Kong between the Gipsy Danger Jaeger and...

The Walking Dead Season 4 streams into South-East Asia*

The Walking Dead Season 4 is out now!

Batman’s Tumbler, in Papercraft

Who needs to buy expensive commercial toys when you can make your own out of paper?

Superman’s 75th Anniversary – Animated Short

In case you didn't know, Superman is celebrating his 75th Anniversary this year. And here's a sweet animated short followiing Superman through the years, from his first appearance on the...

Geek Review: Gravity

I'll use the 3 seashells with you any day, Sandy.

Geek Review: KRE-O Microchangers Combiners Bruticus

Bruticus still wipes the floor with awesomeness despite his new, smaller stature.