‘Attack on Titan’ Creator And Voice Actor Team Up For One-Shot Manga

The success of Attack on Titan has turned creator Hajime Isayama into a household name within the animanga circle, especially now that the series is considered to be one of the best in history. But the end of a legacy marks new beginnings, which is why he’s moving on to his next project.

There’s a catch, though. While details are sparse, the upcoming one-shot manga titled Soyogi Fractal won’t be set in the same universe of titans and Survey Corps soldiers. It will instead feature a brand-new protagonist who uses voice synthesis technology, Soyogi Soyogi.

Here’s a first look at his character art:

Soyogi Fractal

The project is a collaboration between Isayama and renowned Japanese voice actor Yuki Kaji, who breathed life into Eren Yeager in the anime. No artist has been attached just yet, as the pair are currently hosting a contest to find the ideal illustrator to finish the job. The competition ends on 30 April, and interested parties can participate through the Days Neo website.

If all goes according to schedule, the one-shot is slated to go live in Weekly Shonen Jump and Bessatsu Shonen Magazine this summer. Kaji will pen the story, with Isayama taking charge of merchandise illustrations.

Soyogi Fractal is Kaji’s own brainchild that seeks to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his career as a voice actor. Apart from Eren, the prominent industry veteran has voiced many other popular characters, including Kenma Kozume in Haikyuu!!, Shoto Todoroki in My Hero Academia, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic in One Punch Man, Phoenix Wright in the Ace Attorney anime series, and more.