Geek Review: BumbleBee USB Flash Drive

There are plenty of flash drives in the market, with varying degrees of design. This marks one of the more intricate ones and even if it’s not something you can...

Fan Fiction Short “Dante’s Redemption” is simply WOW

The Dante's Redemption fan fiction short was conceived a year after Tal Peleg had started working at Naughty Dog, having the great honor of working on The Last Of Us.

Pre-order your Xbox One in Singapore today starting from S$639

Pre-order your Xbox One in Singapore today starting from S$639, which launches with the highly anticipated title EA SPORTS FIFA 15.

Titanfall’s “Free The Frontier” Live-action Film is EPIC

Having watched most of the game trailers at this year's Gamescom so far, this has got to be the most enjoyable one for me. And it's not even for a...

Matrix Reloaded Fight Scene in Glorious 8-bit Audio

Every geek would have remembered watching the Matrix movies, but bet you haven't seen it re-cut in glorious 8-bit audio.

International Cosplay Day Singapore 2014: Mark The Date

The biggest cosplay event in Singapore returns for 2014. Mark the date for ICDS!

The Knick: HBO’s antidote to online piracy

Great TV shows come at a cost and despite the shadow of online piracy, Cinemax and HBO Asia are attempting to up their game to ensure their content reaches the...

Geek Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The new Ninja Turtles movie is finally here, and sadly the new look of the turtles is the least ugly aspect of the movie.

GameStart 2014 – The gaming event Asia needs, and the one it deserves!

With an emphasis on AAA blockbuster titles from premiere developers around the world, GameStart 2014 looks to be exactly the kind of gaming-centric consumer event that core gamers in Singapore...

Geek Preview: Evolve – Hands-on with the Kraken!

We got our hands on a more recent preview build of Evolve, featuring Kraken along with a new team of hunters! Check out our impressions of the game!

Geek Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Think of Guardians as old school Star Wars by way of Marvel and you get right to the heart is what’s so completely endearing and intoxicating about Guardians of the...

Geek Review: Hercules

While a little silly at times, Hercules is a fun adventure that makes full use of Dwayne Johnson’s charm as a draw.