This Guy Has A Kickstarter For LEGO Ships From The Singapore Navy

Like LEGO? Great. Like battleships? Fantastic. Like both? You must be someone like Justin Chua, who has started a Kickstarter to honour the mighty seafaring vessels from the Royal Singapore Navy.

The Singaporean brick artist runs a self-started business called LIONCITY MOCS, which is dedicated to his LEGO MOC (My Own Creation) renditions of the various vehicles, vessels and aircraft from the Singapore Army, Navy and Air Force respectively.


His Kickstarter, entitled LEGO Building Book: Ships of the RSN: Volume 1, is “an instructional book teaching you how to build the Navy ships of the Republic of Singapore using LEGO bricks”.

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The book goes into detail about the various battleship models used throughout Singapore Navy’s still-brief-but-storied history. It then details how you can acquire each individual brick via staple MOC sites such as Brickfinder or Bricklink.

At the basic pledge level of S$39, the book comes as is. At higher pledge levels from S$149 onwards, however, you can get the book, inclusive of parts for some of the ships, which is nice if you’re too lazy to source for them yourself.

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Do take note, however, that these higher pledge levels have limited slots, so grab them while you can.

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Chua’s Kickstarter ends on June 19, 2019, with a current pledge total of over S$4,000 at the time of writing — about half of the overall S$8,000 goal.

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