Blood & Truth Aims To Bring VR Gaming To A New Level

Ever wondered what it’s like to be John Wick or Ethan Hunt in person? Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR title, Blood & Truth, aims to give you that experience, no holds barred.

As a slick assassin/hitman, you’ll be equipped with state-of the art espionage weapons and tech, such as pistols with silencers (you won’t be limited to just pistols, of course), remote explosives, knives, drones and hacking devices at your disposal.

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As with a true blue VR game, you’ll be able to jump up to reach upper areas, or crouch down behind cover as you sneak past guards. It’s designed to be the closest thing you’ll get to actually being on the set of the John Wick or the Mission: Impossible movies.

You can also choose to threaten enemies or hold them ransom with your weapons, should you prefer a bloodless playthrough. Simply hold up your weapon to them and, like in reality, they’ll whimper and cower accordingly. The levels of immersion are taken to the next level, as Sony London Studio’s intends.

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Blood & Truth is actually a long-gestating project, having been first announced back in 2017. Nearly two years have passed since then, and Sony London Studio promises that it still remains true to its action movie roots.

“When we look at the characters reacting to you, we try and design and spend our dev money in the areas [where] it’s trying to react to players who are playing it properly,” said Stuart Whyte, Director of VR Product Development at Sony London Studio. “If people want to throw things at people, be trollish, we don’t want to put a lot of dev time into that because it’s more about focusing on just that realism vibe.”

Sony has been going full throttle with their PlayStation VR games lineup, now that we’re deep into 2019. From Iron Man VR to Concrete Genie, we’ve been spoilt for choice in exciting and fresh new VR games from both established IPs and indie devs.

Blood & Truth releases on May 27 exclusively for the PSVR.

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