TGS 2017: Three Upcoming PS VR Titles To Look Out For

Team Bravo, The Inpatient and Anubis Zone of the Enders: Mars are my hot picks from the showfloor.

E3 2017 Recap: Sony’s Press Conference

Exclusives after exclusives, Sony and PlayStation proves that having the games still makes you the one to beat.

Geek Review: Farpoint & PS VR Aim Controller

Satisfying gunplay, a serviceable plot, and an immersive VR experience makes Farpoint my favourite PS VR game to...

Global Exclusive – Summer Lesson: Miyamoto Hikari (English) with Extra Love

All orders will come with an exclusive premium, Hikari Miyamoto’s tie, and FREE shipping worldwide!

Summer Lesson & Gundam Breaker 3 Break Edition Launches in English This April/May

The English versions of Summer Lesson and Gundam Breaker 3 Break Edition will release on April 27 and...

Get your PS VR Fix in Space this May with Farpoint

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Resident Evil 7 biohazard is the horror game you have been waiting for.

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Competitively priced and controls great, but the lack of content, gameplay design, and variety relegates this title to...

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Geek Review – Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault VR

The Jackal Assault has top-notch presentation but the lackadaisical content makes this more a demo than a true...

TGS 2016 – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Story Campaign Reveal

Kit Harington (of Jon Snow fame) steps into the dark side as the villain in COD: Infinite Warfare.