Best Hold Off On Your LEGO Star Wars Purchases Till Star Wars Day

With Star Wars Day on-ground celebrations cancelled this year, it’s no stopping brands from conducting their own series of online and retail promotions.

According to Brickfanatics, starting from 1st May, there will be 3 offers centred around LEGO Star Wars products, in line with LEGO’s May the 4th celebrations. The most noteworthy one being a “Death Star II Battle Set” Gift with Purchase:

The promotions above will, as usual, defer slightly in different parts of the world. We’re good so long as the Death Star II Battle Set remains.

Five new LEGO Star Wars sets will be released prior to the May the 4th celebrations:

The two previous micro-scale mini builds released last year as “Gift with Purchase” freebies have been the Battle of Hoth (The Empire Strikes Back) and Battle of Endor (Return of the Jedi).

It would have been a nice touch to have ended off the “20 Years of LEGO Star Wars” with a trilogy set. Which makes us wonder why LEGO didn’t go with a Death Star I Trench Run set from A New Hope instead of the Death Star II Battle set, which is also from Return of the Jedi.