Back 4 Blood – Special Ridden & How To Beat Them Guide

It is time for the undead apocalypse, and leading the way in Back 4 Blood are a bunch of really nasty Ridden. Sure, they may not be overwhelming in numbers, but their different skills bring a variety of threats that can easily take out groups of unprepared Cleaners. So, if you are looking to survive, our Back 4 Blood Special Ridden and how to beat them guide is going to be very important.

Be it dealing with them on your own or as part of the team, be sure to pay special attention whenever these variants come out. The sooner they are dead, the better it is for you.

Back 4 Blood Special Ridden

Tallboys (Bruisers/Crushers)

Back 4 Blood – Special Ridden & How To Beat Them Guide - Tallboys

It’s obvious from their names themselves, but the Tallboys are towering Ridden that are instant threats when they get up close. For the Bruisers, it is all about a powerful melee slam attack that is very dangerous. The Crushers, on the other hand, can remove a Cleaner from the equation using its Squeeze attack.

For the Tallboys, it is essential to keep your distance and target the weak point on the right shoulder. Keep shooting and moving and you might just make it out alive.

Stingers (Stalkers/Hockers)

Back 4 Blood – Special Ridden & How To Beat Them Guide - Stingers

Four-armed monstrosities that are annoying at range, the Stingers are agile beings that can jump long distances and even cling to walls, which allows their projectile attacks to be even more effective. Be careful of the Stalkers, which can grab you and drag you away from your teammates, while the Hockers can utilise a harpoon attack that pins you and deals damage over time.

Early detection is key to overcoming these threats, as they are not as hardy as other kinds of special Ridden in Back 4 Blood. Once they have found a target, they tend to stay stationary, so that is a good opportunity as well.

Reekers (Exploders/Retches)

Back 4 Blood – Special Ridden & How To Beat Them Guide - Reekers

Bloated messes that love to cover you with their entrails, the Reekers are best kept far away due to their explosiveness. If you are attempting to bring the Exploders down, be sure to be at a safe distance. Getting covered by their remains will see Ridden swarm you. For the Retches, not only can it explode, but it also gains a vomit attack that leaves pools of acid that can make any environment into a deathtrap.

Shoot early and shoot fast, you do not want to be in close quarters with these monsters. In difficult situations, a brave Cleaner can also be the sacrificial lamb to cause the explosion while the rest of the team stays away.


Back 4 Blood – Special Ridden & How To Beat Them Guide - Snitchers

Snitchers do not get stitches in Back 4 Blood, with this special Ridden a particularly big pain in the ass. The long-necked mutation will scream when disturbed, bringing down a horde of Ridden on Cleaners no matter where.

If you encounter a Snitcher, a quick kill is recommended with focused fire. Otherwise, you will have more to worry about.

Ridden Bosses

In certain areas of Back 4 Blood, you are going to meet even more dangerous special Ridden that doubles up as bosses.

The Hag is one of those, even if they are optional to fight. These monsters can devour Cleaners whole, and are hard to kill in every sense. If it manages to eat its prey, it will start digging a hole to escape. Failure to eliminate it will result in a dead Cleaner, who may appear later in the stage in a cocoon, waiting to be rescued. Taking on a Hag requires concentration and good aim, so good luck.

You may also meet the Breaker, a powerful Ridden that is armoured up and agile to boot. In order to escape the powerful clutches of this enemy, focus fire on specific armour pieces to break them off, before you can deal real damage to this enemy. Otherwise, you will be pummelled to death in no time.

There is also the Ogre, a 20-foot tall creature that is as disgusting as it is dangerous. If you do not have the capacity, it is more advisable to run away from an Ogre. Should you make the decision to fight, aim for the glowing flesh bulbs on its body, and try to kill it before it escapes underground. Do not think you are safe in buildings either, an Ogre will try to reach in and grab any unfortunate Cleaner by the doorway.

Knowing what you are going up against is very important, especially when the special Ridden in Back 4 Blood are so dangerous. With the power of knowledge and some key tips to bringing them down, hopefully, your chances of survival are now higher. If you are seeking more help to even the odds, be sure to head over to the Back 4 Blood Game Guide Wiki for more tips and tricks.