Back 4 Blood – Guide To Picking The Right Cleaners

So, you have decided to join the rest of us in Back 4 Blood, but this is just the beginning. Before you even start popping heads, you have an important decision to make. Picking the right Cleaner or character for the job ahead matters, and if you need to know what you are getting into, you are in the right spot. Our Back 4 Blood guide to picking the right cleaners should make your decision that much easier.

Whether you are going at it solo or teaming up with friends, the more you can synergise your abilities, the better.

Back 4 Blood Cleaners

There are eight different Cleaners to choose from when it comes to Back 4 Blood, and each brings something unique to the table. Match your playstyle accordingly, and you will be more valuable than copper in this new world.


Back 4 Blood – Guide To Picking The Right Cleaners - Doc
  • Team skill: +25% Trauma Resistance
  • Able to heal each ally for 25HP, once per level
  • +20% Healing Efficiency

As her name suggests, Doc is the best healer in the game. Her ability to buff the team against Trauma Damage is a big plus, and she is always handy when you run out of healing items on every level.


Back 4 Blood – Guide To Picking The Right Cleaners - Evangelo
  • Team skill: +5% Movement Speed.
  • Able to break away from Grabs every 60 seconds
  • +20% Stamina Regeneration

All about speed, Evangelo is great for solo players who have grown tired of being grabbed by the Ridden. For teams, the added speed is going to keep your party always on the move rather than wait for the horde to close in, while his own speed as a Cleaner allows you to search around more effectively in Back 4 Blood.


Back 4 Blood – Guide To Picking The Right Cleaners - Hoffman
  • Team skill: +10% Ammo Capacity
  • Chance to obtain extra ammo when killing
  • +1 Offensive Inventory Slot

Hoffman is a great asset to any team with his ammo-finding powers. It is not surprising to see yourself running low when the enemy numbers get daunting, and you can always count on Hoffman to get you more ammo. Having an additional Offensive item slot is great too, which means more molotovs and such to add to the mayhem.


Back 4 Blood – Guide To Picking The Right Cleaners - Holly
  • Team skill: +25 Stamina
  • Recover 10 Stamina with each kill
  • +10% Damage Resistance

Fancy going up close and personal, all the time? Holly’s skills with close-quarters combat will make her a prime pick for players that love that kind of gameplay. You can keep swinging with the bat, landing kills, and recover your stamina to keep moving. Those normal cannon fodder enemies are going to shudder at the sight of this Cleaner in Back 4 Blood.


Back 4 Blood – Guide To Picking The Right Cleaners - Jim
  • Team skill: +10% Weak Spot Damage
  • Precision kills incease damage by 5%, up to 50%. Effect lost when damage is taken
  • +25% Aim-down-sights Speed

Jim is a great pick when you want to unleash kill shots all the time. He is quick and can deal plenty of damage once his buff stacks up. Just build it up using common Ridden and you will take down the special Ridden quite easily, especially when aiming for their weak spots.


Back 4 Blood – Guide To Picking The Right Cleaners - Karlee
  • Team skill: +25% Use Speed
  • Able to sense Hazards
  • +1 Quick Inventory Slot

The scout to have on the team, Karlee is able to warn the team when there are hazards ahead. If you have objectives that require speed in interaction, she’s your gal as well. Her additional Quick inventory slot is also useful if you want to bring an extra defibrillator along just to be safe.


Back 4 Blood – Guide To Picking The Right Cleaners - Mom
  • Team skill: +1 Extra Life
  • Able to instantly revive incapcitated teammate, once per level
  • +1 Support Inventory Slot

Likely to be the first pick for any team, Mom’s ability to instantly revive a teammate is a godsend as a Cleaner in Back 4 Blood. Her additional space for more healing items enhances her effectiveness further, while most teams can always do with an extra life.


Back 4 Blood – Guide To Picking The Right Cleaners - Walker
  • Team skill: +10 Increased Health
  • Precision kills incease accuracy by 20% for 5 seconds
  • +10% Damage

An excellent pick if you are all about high output, Walker’s increased damage and potential for more accuracy make for a lethal cocktail. With added health to the team, you can also live a bit longer as you bring down the hordes.

Now that you have gotten to know each and every one of the Back 4 Blood Cleaners more intimately, you can make the right pick to put together the best team. If you are searching for more help to mastering this co-op shooter, be sure to head over to the Back 4 Blood Game Guide Wiki for more help.

Until then, good luck and stay alive!