Pikmin 4: 8 Tips To Enhance Efficiency The Dandori Way

Pikmin 4: 8 Tips To Enhance Efficiency The Dandori Way

Now that Nintendo‘s Pikmin 4 is available for all who aspire to explore the stars and save some Castaways, this might be the very first time some players are coming into close contact with the series. While the Pikmin franchise has not always been as popular as Nintendo’s other flagship games, it does deliver a unique experience hard to find elsewhere. If you happen to be a newcomer, here is a list of important tips and tricks to remember before starting Pikmin 4.

8 Tips For Making Pikmin 4 Even More Enjoyable

#1. Oatchi’s Everyone’s Best Friend

Pikmin 4: 8 Tips To Enhance Efficiency The Dandori Way

A new addition to the series, the rescue pup known as Oatchi will prove to be an invaluable ally throughout the adventure in Pikmin 4. Not only can it rush to attack enemies and stun them, but Oatchi is also an excellent transport option for all Pikmin across all manner of terrain.

Once it is fully upgraded with various skills, it becomes even more of an asset when it comes to combat, carrying stuff, and sniffing out precious treasures and rare Pikmin. Always have Oatchi by your side, and things will be much easier.

#2. Time is on Your Side

Unlike the previous title, there is simply no reason to rush at all. One of the most important tips to remember in Pikmin 4 is that being thorough is much better than rushing everywhere without a clear strategy. There is no limited number of days to complete the game, and in caves, time passes even slower, so players can take their time on each day to fully explore.

For completionists, the absence of that pressure to keep moving fast is an excellent change made for this game, and it benefits all kinds of players as well.

#3. Maximise Your Pikmin Army

Pikmin 4: 8 Tips To Enhance Efficiency The Dandori Way

The worst thing you can do in Pikmin 4 is not to do anything, and that goes for your group of Pikmin as well. There is always going to be something that demands your attention, and it is much more efficient to send the colourful creatures on different tasks than to wait for one thing to be done.

This is a core Dandori principle, which will also come in handy when dealing with the various Dandori Battles and Challenges. While the overall game doesn’t demand swiftness, these scenarios do, and the sooner players can learn which Pikmin are best for what tasks, the better.

#4. Find a Good Fit

Speaking of tasks and Pikmin, knowing your Pikmin is probably one of the most important tips to kind in mind for Pikmin 4. While the Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin are pretty easy to find, the rest of the crew is not. The White, Purple, Rock, Pink, and Ice Pikmin only come in limited numbers, at least at the start, and losing them can make things unnecessarily hard.

Sure, you can always head into specific caves to increase their numbers, but why go through the hassle? Make sure you are using the Pikmin correctly, and life will be much better. Here are some tips for matchups in Pikmin 4:

  • Red Pikmin – Perfect for attacking and dealing with fire.
  • Ice Pikmin – Use to freeze bodies of water and enemies.
  • Yellow Pikmin – Great diggers and are impervious to electricity.
  • Blue Pikmin – Can work underwater.
  • Rock Pikmin – Immune to being squashed, use them to break crystal items and deal significant damage to enemies when thrown.
  • Winged Pikmin – Use them for airborne enemies and to carry stuff without any impediments.
  • Purple Pikmin – With a strength of 10 Pikmin, they can easily carry heavy objects and are immune to wind and bubble attacks.
  • White Pikmin – Best used to deal with poisonous situations.

#5. Survey the Surroundings

Pikmin 4: 8 Tips To Enhance Efficiency The Dandori Way

Instead of being distracted by everything you find at first glance, it is always a good tip to explore and see what’s up first being committing to a task. Clear out all the enemies you can find, explore and open up every shortcut, and remove all obstacles in your way.

With that done, every task you send your Pikmin to do becomes worry-free, and they will be able to get it all done in the fastest, safest way possible.

#6. Always Be Upgrading

As the Rescue Command gets more crowded with Castaways and other crew members of the Rescue Corps, be sure to speak to everyone to open up more options to enhance your abilities. This can be in the form of new Gear and Items at the Lab, training for Oatchi, or sidequests that can provide useful Raw Materials.

Whenever possible, help Oatchi become better at its job, and equip your character with useful gear like a Treasure Tracker or increased health. The world is perilous out there, so don’t take any chances.

#7. Pikmin Are Expendable

As dark as it is to say it, another great tip to keep in mind for Pikmin 4 is that your adorable creatures can always be replaced. Losing them is an inevitability of the journey, be it through a mistake or a lapse in concentration. Keep your overall goal in mind, and worry less about the more commonly found Pikmin.

It is all part of the game, so remember, you are not a monster.

#8. Rewinding Time

Last but certainly not least, Pikmin 4 allows players to rewind time to certain junctures during the day to remedy any mistakes that have been made. Perhaps losing half of your Pikmin army to an annoying enemy is too much to bear; bring up the Options menu, and rewind time to try again.

There is no shame in making full use of a mechanic put in Pikmin 4 to help players, and that’s probably the most vital tip there can be. Use everything you have in the arsenal to make your mission a success.

Pikmin 4 is available on the Nintendo eShop for US$59.99.