Atomic Blonde Sequel Punching Its Way To Netflix Soon

It appears that Charlize Theron will return as super-spy Lorraine Broughton in an upcoming sequel to the 2017 espionage hit, Atomic Blonde.

According to Discussing Film, Netflix is reported to have acquired the distributing rights to Atomic Blonde 2, which is currently “in early development”. Aside from reprising her role, Theron will also be serving as producer, alongside Beth Kono, under her production arm, Denver and Delilah Productions.

What’s in contention is whether 87Eleven, the production company that did the original Atomic Blonde and the film’s original director, David Leitch, will return to do the principal photography. After all, the film was praised for its visceral action sequences, so having the folks that did John Wick and the action scenes for Birds of Prey will no doubt be a treat for fans.

The first movie was a live-action adaptation of the graphic novel The Coldest City by Antony Johnson, and followed the story of the aforementioned MI6 agent, Lorraine Broughton, as she went on to round up a list of double agents during the latter years of the Cold War.

What the sequel will bring remains to be seen, though fans could certainly expect more of the same intense, gritty action, should 87Eleven and Leitch both return to make the film.

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