Apex Legends Saviors

‘Apex Legends: Saviors’ Brings A Kaiju Carcass To A Familiar Map In New Season

Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s genre-bending free-to-play battle royale shooter, is getting a major update on 10 May 2022, when Season 13 will begin. This new season is dubbed Apex Legends: Saviors.

Aside from the minor tweaks, one of the biggest changes is an update to the Storm Point map, which will feature the carcass of a big monster of unknown origins. The downed beast will be a part of the map, and players will be able to battle beside, atop, and, most excitingly, inside the carcass itself. In Season 13’s trailer, we see how that downed beast ended up on the map itself,

Apex Legends Saviors

Another change is that players can now enter the IMC armouries strewn about the map. When activated, players will enter a 60-second timed encounter where they fight waves of spectres. They will then get loot according to how many waves they cleared. The Ranked Mode will also be reworked to be more rewarding to players who display teamwork and skill.

Other than the main game, the Apex Legends Mobile will also be released this month, May 2022, on Android and iOS. Fans can continue enjoying the fast-paced action of the game even while commuting! This standalone title optimised the controls for the touchscreen, and even features mobile-exclusive maps.

The overhaul of the Storm Point map will definitely make the familiar map fresh, with new ways to approach battles on the map itself. Apex Legends: Saviors will go live on 10 May 2022, and players will want to jump right into Storm Point and check out this updated map.