Geek Review Rogue Legacy 2

Geek Review: Rogue Legacy 2

As a genre, roguelites seem to have been around for a very long time, a twist on the roguelike formula where certain elements of progression are retained when players perish, enabling them to keep grinding for new runs. However, it was not until 2013’s Rogue Legacy that this transformative change became part of the mainstream consciousness, and with the likes of Hades and Returnal now part of the genre, the challenge for Cellar Door GamesRogue Legacy 2 to outshine them is a tall task.

And just as it broke onto the scene nine years ago, the sequel is once again making waves without necessarily veering too far from the base formula. The time spent in Steam Early Access has borne fruit, with Rogue Legacy 2 delivering the same wonderful experience enhanced by more modern design, art direction, and mechanics.

Despite the general belief that sequels are often better since they have a foundation to build off of, that has not been the case when it comes to some video games and thankfully, Rogue Legacy 2 perfectly epitomises that belief, where everything just somehow feels improved from the original.

Players once again take on the challenge of clearing a procedurally generated dungeon filled with dastardly enemies and imposing bosses, constantly trying to get better with each death as money is spent on upgrades while collected blueprints pave the way to better equipment. Who knew that death could be so fun and rewarding?

Geek Review: Rogue Legacy 2 - Make your legacy count

Anyone who has played the first game would already be familiar with this setup, but Rogue Legacy 2 does an excellent job of refining all the rough edges for an unbelievable experience this time around. Every new class unlocked expands the types of traits, abilities and stats that determine the next descendant looking to clear the dungeon, and they are all distinctly unique and add another layer of gameplay functionality and fun to the proceedings.

Certain players might prefer a mage whose projectiles can fly through walls, a Ranger who can conjure up a platform of vines to give you extra leverage, or a melee class like the Valkyrie who is an able warrior that can deal damage in every direction. The choice really is the player’s, and the constant randomness of things go a long way in ensuring no two runs are ever the same, except for the enjoyment. 

Even with the various benefits and shortcomings involved in each class, no two classes in Rogue Legacy 2 can be categorised as the overwhelmingly best or worst, and that balance is simply an art. Mastering each class is a worthwhile investment, and a great way to keep players constantly experimenting to find something that they love.

Of course, Rogue Legacy 2 also brings back the series’ calling card of random traits. Think real-life conditions that somehow make perfect sense when translated into a video game. Colourblindness paints the entire game in black and white, while the propensity to be a diva puts a spotlight on your character while the rest of the world is shrouded in darkness. 

Many traits make their return to this sequel and are only bolstered by new additions that continue to surprise with each new discovery. Sure, some of these traits are bonafide annoyances, but that can be easily remedied by choosing another one of the three descendants available before you start a fresh run. 

Every journey into the dungeon is all about making meaningful progress, be it collecting more money, loot, or besting the various bosses that guard the six unique locations in Rogue Legacy 2. Each biome is markedly different, and while they are interconnected within the sprawling castle, they could not be more diverse in how they challenge the players. 

The first area is quite straightforward with usually large rooms and enemies milling about, but the next area might be a vertical stretch that is all about platforming and precision. As you get more familiar with each area, it becomes even more clear just how much thought was put into making things memorable and unique. 

Despite the procedural generation, Rogue Legacy 2 still maintains a semblance of linearity, with the aforementioned bosses holding the keys to further exploration. Only by gaining the special Heirloom items will the world open up even more, granting players the ability to double jump, air dash, and other useful improvements, while providing players with more tricks to pull off in combat.

And as you seek out every corner of the dungeon, the collection of collectibles will only grow. Relics, weapons, spells, blueprints, runes and more will become common sights, and everything can be used to change up the game in meaningful and impactful ways. 

Geek Review: Rogue Legacy 2 - A sprawling dungeon

The same goes for the upgrades that can be made before each run, unlocking permanent stats boosts, new classes, and amenities. It is reminiscent of what you could do in the first game but obviously expanded upon with more worthwhile investments. However, while you might be tempted to spread out your hard-earned gold, it would be best to concentrate on strengthening stats first, otherwise, it might be hard to handle the later parts of the game.

Once you have made significant progress and successfully completed the first run of Rogue Legacy 2, the true fun has only begun. The endgame portion is quite extensive, with New Game+ being differentiated with the help of Burdens, modifiers that will add new twists, ranging from damage increases to even new variants of bosses. For those seeking to make the most out of the game, this is a masterful way of keeping players engaged. 

On the other end, if you are finding the game too difficult in some aspects, Cellar Door Games has done a fantastic job with accessibility thanks to its House Rules options. Here, players can finely tune how they want the game to be beyond the standard options, so that everyone can immerse themselves in the wonder of Rogue Legacy 2.

Geek Review: Rogue Legacy 2 - Battles are fun

Suffice to say, this is a sequel that has surpassed expectations in each and every way. While it is still a challenging affair, the game provides players with all the right tools for the job, incentivising run after run into its procedurally generated paradise, and looking damn good while doing it, this is one roguelite worth dying for.

Rogue Legacy 2 is available on Steam for $17.60.



A stupendous continuation of the legacy of Cellar Door Games, Rogue Legacy 2 is everything you would want in a sequel, and then some.

  • Gameplay - 9/10
  • Story - 8.5/10
  • Presentation - 9/10
  • Value - 9.5/10