Star Wars Jedi Survivor Sequel

‘Star Wars Jedi 3’ Is Coming, Says Cal Kestis Actor Cameron Monaghan

With both Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Survivor achieving great success in the video game space, it seems that Respawn Entertainment is not slowing down, at least according to actor Cameron Monaghan. The actor behind hero Cal Kestis has shared that a sequel is in the works.

“We’re working on the third; we’re in the process of doing it right now,” Monaghan said at a Star Wars: Jedi Game Series Panel at Ocala Comic Con 2023 on 16 September. “That’s a big undertaking, and there have been some conversations so far. Hopefully when all things are said and done we’ll be able to go in and make something really cool for you guys again.”

‘Star Wars Jedi 3’ Is Coming, Says Cal Kestis Actor Cameron Monaghan

Although he may not have been authorised to share this information, as the lead actor, it lends more credibility to what was shared, even if EA and Respawn wanted to keep things under wraps for longer.

This has always been the plan, with former series director Stig Asmussen saying as much that the series will be a trilogy. Considering the sales numbers of the games thus far, that is certainly a good thing for both the studio and EA. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was released back in 2019, and has sold over 10 million copies to date, while the sequel, Survivor, was launched in April this year, beating the launch sales of its predecessor by over 30 per cent.

The story of Cal Kestis, the young Jedi Knight, is definitely far from over, with the struggles against the Galactic Empire an ongoing fight. Having found a sanctuary for all who tire of the demands of war and strife, it remains to be seen just where else the series will take Kestis and his crew.

At the very least, we now know that a new adventure is already in the works, and it won’t be long before Respawn officially reveals the third game of the trilogy.