Angry Birds: Summer Madness Animated Series Coming To Netflix In 2021

The Angry Birds will be flapping their wings from the silver screen to small screens as Netflix has just announced a new Angry Birds animated series will be released on its platform in 2021. 

Angry Birds: Summer Madness will be the franchises very first long-form television series and will consist of 40 11-minute episodes, each taking cues from the humour and tone already present in the Angry Birds movies, while still boasting its own style. The series will be produced by Netflix in partnership with CAKE and Rovio Entertainment. 

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Angry Birds have been a true phenomenon for kids around the world,” said Curtis Lelash, Netflix’s Director of Original Series, “and we’re excited to bring them home to the nest at Netflix, where they will be angrier and bird-ier than ever.”

According to Netflix, Angry Birds: Summer Madness will follow the adventures of Red, Bomb, and Chuck, as well as a cast of new feathered faces as they get through summer camp under the questionable tutelage of their camp counselor Mighty Eagle. We’ll get to see the tween birds “squaring off with the obnoxious Pigs on the other side of the lake, who seem hell-bent on causing as much mayhem as possible”.

The Angry Birds franchise first gained popularity with its massively successful video game in 2009 which then spawned numerous spin-off games including one with the Star Wars franchise in 2012. 

The franchise then made its way to the silver screen in 2016 with its first feature-length film The Angry Birds Movie, with a sequel released in 2019. 

Being an animated series, it seems unlikely that the series will be affected by the current COVID-19 situation. However, as Minions: The Rise of Gru has shown us, it is still not completely impossible if the production studio was to close its doors to help curb the spread of the virus. 

With any luck, at least kids will have a new Netflix animated series to look forward to 2021. A specific release date for the series has yet to be announced.

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