‘Alien: Descent’ VR Experience Lands In California for #AlienDay

Back in 2016, 10th Century Fox rolled out the first-ever global celebration of the Alien franchise, aptly named “Alien Day” which takes place on April 26th (referenced to the planet LV-426). Last year, it turned into an annual tradition and it was celebrated in Singapore too with a movie marathon and pop-up exhibition.

This year, in celebration of #AlienDay, it looks like Fox is bringing a cutting-edge, free-roaming Alien-themed VR experience called “Alien: Descent” to a mall in Orange County, California on April 26th! The 4-player experience enables guests to move freely about in VR without the use of PC backpacks or wires!

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Here are more details about the VR experience from the website:

“It’s a free-roaming experience, meaning that players get outfitted with special wireless VR headsets that do away with the need for any additional cables. This allows players to freely walk around on a stage that incorporates physical cues for better immersion. 

Players get to join an elite squad of Colonial Marines tasked with investigating a distress signal sent from a mining outpost. Of course, there are also plenty of aliens to be fought, which is why every player gets their own VR weapon. Movements of players are tracked with special motion sensors attached to players’ arms and legs.”

Set to first open at The Outlets at Orange County, California (just minutes from Disneyland), you can book your tickets now at US$22 per pax which lasts for approximately 15 minutes. The VR experience is set to arrive at more locations at a later date.

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Here’s hoping Fox has plans to bring this to other countries outside of US!

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