4-Metre Tall LEGO Bowser Made of 700,000 Bricks Set to Trample San Diego Comic-Con 2022

Talk about making a splash in a big way! With San Deigo Comic Con 2022 returning from 21 July – 24 July 2022, LEGO and Nintendo want to make their presence known.

We thought the initial LEGO 71411 Bowser was huge, this animatronic build is complete with eyeballs, fingers, and eyebrows that move. Did we detect a subtle head turn as well?

Compared to the build that most folks will be able to purchase in October, this Bowser build clocks in at 663,900 LEGO bricks. Anyone who has seen builds of this similar nature in real life will be amazed at how the structural integrity holds up.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing how Big Bowser manifests itself in real life. If anything, it has made us even more excited for the upcoming set release on 1 October 2022.