Zip Around Like Ultraman With The Limited Edition Superstrata Bicycle

When it comes to defending our planet (or rushing for a meeting), there is nothing more crucial than making sure you get there on time, and what better way is there to do so than by travelling the eco-friendly way. To help you do so, Superstrata has released its Superstrata Ultraman Bicycle.

Superstrata is a brand of 3D-printed unibody electric bikes made from thermoplastic carbon fibre, allowing the bike to stay lightweight (it weighs only 11kg!) yet remain ultra-impact resistant. Moreover, the bikes can be customs built according to your measurements, to provide a more streamlined fit to your body (no capes!).

The Ultraman edition will come with the hero’s iconic red and silver colour designs, paired with the motif of his Colour Timer. The metallic colours are contrasted with jet black wheels, giving the bike a sleek otherworldly look.

The bike itself is also as ultra as the hero’s body as it strength to weight ratio is apparently 61x that of steel and 15x of titanium. Moreover, true to Ultraman’s save-the-world rhetoric, the bicycle is made up of recyclable material, reducing waste produced. And well, we can even suggest that you complete this full on protection by protecting yourself from the coronavirus by wearing Ultraman’s CUM on your face.

The lineup consists of two versions, the sports type Ultra-C and the electric assist type Ultra-E. The price though, may be out-of-this-world for some as the Ultra-C model is going for US$3,299 (about 350,000 yen) and US$4,499 (about 477,000 yen) for Ultra-E. However, the good news is that if you get it via the Indiegogo campaign, you’ll get a 49% off discount.

For those planning to get your hands on the Superstrata Ultraman Bicycle, we suggest you zip over to their Indiegogo page to place your order as the lineup only offers an ultra-limited quantity of only 78 units for sale.