Sharks, Zombies, And Ninjas: ‘Ninja Vs. Shark’ Is A Shark Movie Fuelled By Chaos

Just when we thought shark movies couldn’t get wilder, the trailer for Ninja Vs. Shark dropped – and it’s a glorious and gory visual treat, if you don’t take it too seriously. There’s ninjas, zombies, and sharks, all mixed together in an entertaining Edo-period-themed piece directed by Koichi Sakamoto.

What exactly is Ninja Vs. Shark about? According to the official plot summary, the movie is set during the Edo period, when the slaughtered corpses of villagers are found on the beach in the the remote village of Okitsu. Samejiro Mizuchi, the leader of the heresy group Koumashu, uses ninjutsu to force sharks to collect pearls from the villagers in order to gain the power of immortality.

Frustrated by this situation, the village chief goes to see Kotaro Shiozaki, a bodyguard at a temple on the outskirts of the village, to ask for help. Kotaro accepts the job with a reward, but a female ninja named Kikuma and a gigantic shark that doesn’t seem to be of this world soon stand in his path.

Not to mention that apparently, the ninjas are also fighting each other, with zombies thrown into the mix. As the shark rips up bodies and leaves them strewn on the beach, it’s up to Kotaro to defeat the shark and save his village. 

Ninja vs Shark

Starring Kamen Rider and Ultraman actors like Kohshu Hirano, Shun Nishime, Julia Nagano, Kanon Miyahara and Yuichi Nakamura, Ninja Vs. Shark is set to be released in Japanese theatres on 14 April, though there are no details of an international theatrical release set. The shark movie genre doesn’t always have eye-catching appeal, but this one has certainly caught our attention!