You Can Now Eat Minecraft Creepers In New Kellogg’s Cereal

Anyone who’s played Minecraft knows of the threat the nefarious Creepers pose. They always seem to appear at the wrong times, disrupting what would’ve been peaceful and zen building/mining sessions, and just look downright creepy (hence their name, duh).

But what if we told you you could actually eat these green nasties just to get rid of them, that they actually taste good? Well, it appears that such is the case, with Kellogg’s Minecraft Creeper Crunch Cereal, launching on August 2020 exclusively in the US.

Made in collaboration with US cereal brand Kellogg’s and developer Mojang, Minecraft Creeper Crunch Cereal is THE definitive breakfast experience for fans of the game. The cereal itself comprises of blocky grain bits that resemble building blocks in Minecraft, as well as the titular “Creeper Bit”, green cinnamon-flavoured, square-shaped marshmallows.

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If one was wondering just how Creepers might taste like, let’s just say its pretty close to Christmas.

But that’s not all one gets from the Minecraft Creeper Crunch Cereal; there’s also a code in every box that unlocks one of ten in-game clothing items, which — you guessed it — can be brought over to the game itself for even more customisation fun.

Kellogg’s has yet to announce whether the cereal will be launched outside of the US, so Minecraft players worldwide can also vent their frustrations on Creepers by eating them too.

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