You Can Now Buy This Entire Starlink: Battle for Atlas Toy Bundle For Just S$39.90 With Qisahn

If you already own a Nintendo Switch Starter Pack for Ubisoft’s Starlink: Battle for Atlas, and wished you could have gotten more starships, pilots and weapons without breaking the bank, now it’s possible, thanks to local retailer Qisahn.com.

Qisahn is currently offering up to 90% OFF their “stock clearance bundle” for Starlink. Grab 4 starships (Pulse, Nadir, Lance, Neptune) and a Switch controller mount for just S$29.90 (originally priced at S$245.50 during launch). Or, top-up another S$10 for an additional 5 pilot packs (originally priced at S$104.50)!

That’s a mere S$39.90 for what used to cost a whopping S$350 back in October 2018 when the game launched. Only while stocks last, so you’d better act quick if you want to build up your starship armada.

Xbox and PS4 owners will still benefit from this bundle deal since the starships and pilots are usable across all platforms. You’ll just have to figure out what to do with the bundled Switch controller mount.

In other news, Starlink: Battle for Atlas is coming to PC on April 30, and will be available on Steam and Uplay. There is no mention about the PC version supporting the “toys-to-life” accessories as yet, though it is very probable to be supported via the Xbox controller mount.

The PC version will include all previously released updates for the console versions, and will support multi-GPU, SLI, ultra-wide screen, G-Sync, and uncapped framerates.

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