You Can Now Buy Official Evangelion Emergency Rations In Japan

Wreckage and architectural destruction are often inevitable in light of epic mech battles in sci-fi titles, and Neon Evangelion Genesis is certainly no exception to the rule. In a world where massive collateral damage is a natural consequence of the fight for humanity’s survival, urban evacuations and emergency rations should prove to be a routine happening.

With the Nerv-Designated Emergency Supplies Assortment Set in Japan, however, you can now have a taste of the emergency ration life, without actually experiencing the hardships brought upon by war (though why one would want to eat opt for that er, fine dining remains a mystery). Packaged into a crate stamped with a leaf motif, these meals are prepared in the same way as the MREs (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) supplied to members of the Japan Self-Defense Forces and disaster relief organisations, which means no heat or water is needed before consumption.

A total of five meals, including curry and beef bowls, is included in the box, with all of them meant to serve over white rice. As such, diners can expect five separate 200-gram rice packs to accompany the main five dishes that weigh 180g each.

Like actual rations, the assortment set is designed to last over a period of time. A shelf life of three years and six months is expected for each one, so even if a time skip kicks in (because every anime has one), there’ll still be time to eat them all.

The Nerv-Designated Emergency Supplies Assortment Set is likely a nod to the meals served to NERV personnel in the third Rebuild of Evangelion movie, apart from the occasional one or two instances in the original series. Forica Foods, a specialist in canned, frozen, and disaster-relief foods based in Tokyo, will be overseeing the production process before the meals go on sale on anime retailer Amiami’s official website for ¥7,560. It’s fairly overpriced, but hey, they could just come in handy when you’re too lazy to cook fresh meals, or when the end of the world is upon us (we kid, we kid).