Xbox And Chill With The Series X-Shaped Mini Fridge This Holiday

In a surprise that almost had us fooled for some new system, Microsoft announced during their E3 2021 showcase that they are releasing an Xbox Mini Fridge.

The Xbox Series X-shaped Mini Fridge comes complete with a green interior and is powered by what the company terms the Velocity Cooling Architecture, seen in action in the trailer above. The Mini Fridge is looking pretty sleek and can hold up to 10 cans of drinks.

The Mini Fridge was actually a pledge Microsoft made early in April when they battled against other brands as part of Twitter’s BestOfTweets Brand Bracket. The entire thing dated all the way back during the company’s first reveal of the Xbox Series X, with the gaming community making memes out of its fridge-looking appearance.


Microsoft’s act of embracing their refrigerator meme is quite an outstanding move – in fact, it serves as a follow-up to last year’s promotional efforts, where an actual Xbox Series X Fridge was given out to a select few including Snoop Dogg as giveaways.

No official pricing for the Mini Fridge has been announced, but it is slated to release in this holiday season.