Wield The Power of Thunder With Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Life-Size Thor Stormbreaker

You’re can now be worthy of the power of Thor (if you’re willing to contest Chris Hemsworth for the role) with the newly unveiled Life-Size Stormbreaker Battle Axe from Hasbro.

The life-sized mystical weapon was announced during the Hasbro PulseCon. Forged from the flames on Nidavellir, Thor swung the axe to fight Thanos in the Battle of Wakanda during Avengers: Infinity War.

With the power of thunder rumbling in their hands, fans can now reimagine that epic battle from the Marvel movie. The electronic roleplay gear uses sound FX the create the effects from inspired from the Stormbreaker Axe. These are easily activated with the push of a button on the axe.

A glowing, battle sound-making Stormbreaker sounds like the stuff of dreams. It’s a good thing that Hasbro will allow fans of the God of Thunder to wield their very own axe, which you can now pre-order from Entertainment Earth for US$159.99, and starts shipping in January 2021. The axe will be joining the cool lineup of figures, talking Deadpool heads and other merchandise in the Marvel Legends collection series.