Who Are Wanda And Vision’s Children? The Comics Give Us A Better Idea

WandaVision episode three saw the mutant cosmic powered mother and synthezoid father birth not one, but two babies. Twins in fact! 

How Wanda got pregnant wasn’t detailed in the show, and why would it? WandaVision presents more questions than answers, paving way for numerous theories and ideas of what the rest of the season would look like. That’s the fun of it. 

But as the first Marvel superhero couple to give birth on screen – one can’t help but wonder who these kids are. Are they super? Are they real? Here’s where we tell you that years and numerous comic books later, the kids aren’t alright, or in fact real at all. 

In the comics, their children were revealed to be manifestations created from the lost pieces of the villain Mephisto’s soul. Master Pandemonium later comes and kidnaps Wanda and the kids before absorbing (yes, quite literally) Tommy and Billy. Wanda becomes completely devastated, but her memory is temporarily altered so she forgets about Tommy and Billy.. until she suddenly remembers them and wants them back. In an attempt to conjure back her dead unreal children, Wanda eventually loses control of her reality-warping powers. 

An entire story arc titled House of M, is a fantastic look at Wanda’s powers and we encourage everyone to have a read.

wanda and vision

The introduction of Tommy and Billy in WandaVision may hint at the eventual appearance of superheroes Wiccan and Speed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Wiccan, aka Billy Kaplan and Speed, aka Tommy Shepherd, are members of the Young Avengers – a  next generation superhero team whose lineup includes the likes of Kate Bishop who will be appearing in the Disney+ Hawkeye series, Cassie Lang (Ant-Man’s daughter) and America Chavez from the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multitude of Madness. Whilst they keep to the same names as Wanda and Vision’s kids, they’re born to different parents and later grow into their powers in their teen years. 

Wiccan has magical powers and Speed, as his name suggests, is a speedster. The two easily take after Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver so surprise, surprise, the two heroes are later revealed to be reincarnations of Wanda and Vision’s children. 

wanda and vision

Wanda’s storyline in the comics has always set up terrible things to happen. With Vision dead and gone in Infinity War and then seemingly returning to life in the TV series, it all hints to the probability of Wanda entrapped in a pocket universe to keep her under control, sedated and manipulated.

There’s no telling what’s going to happen in the later episodes of the season, but if the show sticks close to the comics, it could only mean that a disturbing ending is about to come for our heroes. Paul Bettany, who plays Vision, even calls it an epic ending himself and teases a new character appearance

Could it be Quicksilver – yet another person Wanda loves that has fallen into a grave resurrected to appease her made-up reality? Or Doctor Strange coming in to find and save Wand given the fact that WandaVision is bound to set up for the Doctor Strange sequel? Time will tell. 

Until then, fans have to tune in every Friday to catch an episode of WandaVision on Disney+