Blimey! A Harry Potter Live-Action Series Is Reportedly In The Works At HBO Max

Harry Potter is reportedly heading to television so accio your wands, your house scarves and your fake circular glasses!

According to THR, HBO Max is meeting with potential writers to bring the magical wizarding world to the streamer. What the series will entail is still unknown as these meetings are in initial stages and nothing is set in stone as no writers nor talent are currently attached to the project. 

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Harry Potter

In a statement to THR, Warner Bros and HBO Max affirmed that no deals have been made: “There are no Harry Potter series in development at the studio or on the streaming platform.”

Should a Harry Potter live-action series come true, it may not be a straight adaptation of the books again. The series would be better off delving into the lives of interesting characters who didn’t have much screentime as they did in the books or expand on the happenings in the world, i.e, pre-Harry days when Voldemort was powerful or flashbacks of the Marauders. 

Harry Potter

There are plenty of places to go with a Harry Potter series but as seen in Fantastic Beasts, not all projects tied to the wizarding world strike gold. Fantastic Beasts struggles to figure out its purpose and suffers from a dwindling number of fans. Apart from the weak storyline, the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard saga, as well as JK Rowling’s transphobic comments, have caused major uproars and controversy within the fanbase.

Despite that, the Harry Potter franchise still remains a valuable property of Warner Bros and if the studios and the streaming giant can figure out a strong direction for a live-action series, it could potentially spark a whole new generation of Potterheads who would live and breathe for the Boy Who Lived.