What Is That Battle Axe Kong Uses To Repel Godzilla’s Atomic Breath? The Toys Give Us A Hint

The trailer to Godzilla vs. Kong just got released and it features the two legendary monsters – Kong, King of Skull Island and Godzilla, God of Destruction – in a high-action battle on land, sea and even mid-air.

The trailer starts out with Kong being brought out in chains and then released to fight a deadly monster that lurks in the ocean. When the said creature was revealed to be the gargantuan amphibian Godzilla, all hell breaks loose.

Throughout the trailer, Kong uses different methods in his combat and it’s no surprise that his primary mode of attack uses his two gigantic fists. The king eventually gets creative and flings a skullcrawler to hit his opponent, and then later is seen lunging towards Godzilla with a battle axe.

Glowing blue with a wooden handle, is that stormbreaker? No, it’s not, though that would be cool. It seems like Kong has fashioned himself his own weapon and we might have an idea of what its made out of.

The answer? Godzilla’s spikes.

Sharing uncanny similarities, Kong’s battle axe is shaped and has the same hue and glow as the spikes on Godzilla’s back. In one of the scenes, the axe was even used to repel Godzilla’s atomic breath – a rare case given how its often game over once Godzilla uses his 500,000 degrees Celsius hot breath against an enemy. Even toys of Kong with his axe and Godzilla seem to hint this theory.

godzilla vs. kong

The trailer briefly teased a war between the two monsters’ kinds, leaving Kong and Godzilla the last two remaining survivors of the long and violent history. Kong might’ve learnt a thing or two about Godzilla’s weaknesses and is planning to use it against him. Plus, the only way Godzilla has ever been defeated is through the use of weapons so his very own pointy spike might very well be strong enough to penetrate his tough hide and be used against him.

Godzilla vs. Kong is bound to fulfil their promise of an epic battle and fans can finally see which of the two will earn the title of ‘King of the Monsters’ on 26 March 2021 in theatres and on HBO Max.