This probably would happen if Zootopia had a tourism board and this care package would be the perfect way to entice me to visit the city. After all, they have a great movie showing off the sights, it would be a shame not to make a trip out there!


It’s a nondescript box slapped on with stickers that gives me the impression that the bureaucrats from the Zootopia Tourism Board had cost savings at the top of their mind.


What is amazing is that it only costs $1 to get such a large box all the way down to Singapore. Shipping costs must be cheap! This awesome stamp features the city centre of Zootopia in all its wonder.


Make haste, there’s the box to be opened!

I quite like that the box was velcroed so that I wouldn’t have to tear apart the box like some sort of savage beast.


All this in one box? Now, that really makes me want to head on down right away!


The folks must have snagged this shot from my social profile. At least they chose a picture that features my good side.


And they sent me an air ticket as well. This is certainly an offer that I can’t refuse.


Hnngh so cute and soft to the touch…you just can’t help but want to..

That feels so much better.


With something so adorable, I wonder if we will be able to find an equivalent in Singapore. Otherwise, you’d have to make a detour to Thailand to grab one for yourself.



A simple notebook that features a window that reveals all our furry friends that we might meet in Zootopia.

Nice to see that the inside of the notebook has small details instead of it being plain.

On both sides of the page as well. Branding, branding, branding!


And we get postcards as well to send to our friends back home.

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I can’t help but get a 60s/70s vibe to an aesthetic like this. Feels like a blast from the past.


And finally if I could get my hands on those Zootopia stamps that would be perfect!

Regardless, a visit to Zootopia should be the top of anyone’s bucket list for the season. You have from 25 February 2016 to catch it in cinemas and if you’re not convinced, check out our review here.

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